MV Xlendi wreck


from the shore


Deep, Tech

Max depth

44 m

MV Xlendi wreck was a cargo ferry operating between Malta and Gozo. It was deliberately sunk as a diving attraction and artificial reef for fish in November 1999. The wreck is about 80m long and lies on a sandy slope at a depth of 42 – 44m.

from the shore on Gozo


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Divers diving on the MV Xlendi wreck in Gozo. Diveworld Gozo.

The shallowest point is two propellers at a depth of about 32m. It is not recommended to penetrate the wreck due to its very unstable and dangerous condition and the fact that it lies upside down. However, MV Xlendi wreck is still an interesting place for experienced divers. Marine life is quite abundant there. In addition, there is also a car wreck near MV Xlendi, on the shore side.

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