MV Karwela wreck


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42 m

MV Karwela wreck near the island of Gozo is one of Malta’s most famous and exciting dive sites. MV Karwela is a sunken passenger and cargo ferry that formerly sailed to the island of Comino. The wreck is at a depth of about 40 meters, making it suitable for experienced divers.

from the shore on Gozo


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A diver diving the famous staircase inside the MV Karvela wreck in Gozo. Diveworld Gozo.

More about MV Karwela

MV Karwela was a former Captain Morgan Cruises passenger vessel that was intentionally scuttled on August 12, 2006 off the coast of Gozo, Malta, to create an artificial reef and dive site

MV Karwela wreck is well preserved and provides divers with many opportunities for exploration. You can wander through different parts of the wreck, such as the passenger compartments, cabins and cargo hold. You can also see the remains of the infrastructure, such as the famous stairs and ramps, and the engines. We swim to the wreck for about 5-6 minutes from the shore, at small depths to save air. We first admire the beauty of the entire ship from above and only then dove in. We recommend diving on nitrox 28 to extend bottom time on the wreck. If you don’t yet have a nitrox diving certificate, you can compleate a course with us in one day, or you can dive on air.

While diving on MV Karwela wreck, you can admire the impressive structure of the ship, which is home to a rich diversity of marine flora and fauna. Here we encounter a variety of fish species, such as moray eels, sargus and sometimes even barracuda. Around the wreck, you can also see beautiful tube worms and other colorful organisms.

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MV Karwela wreck FAQ

Where is the MV Karwela wreck located?

The MV Karwela wreck is located off the northern coast of Gozo (Malta), near Xatt l-Ahmar.

The MV Karwela was scuttled on August 12, 2006.


The MV Karwela wreck has a maximum depth of around 40 meters and is around 50 meters long. The bow lies at 39 meters and the stern rests at 41 meters. The top deck with the captains cabin begins at a depth of 30 meters.

The MV Karwela wreck is a top destination for diving enthusiasts in Gozo. The structure remains mostly intact and the famous staircases are worth checking out. You can also explore the interior of the wreck. The site has become a habitat for marine life, making it all the more enjoyable for divers.

Yes, experienced and appropriately certified divers can explore the interior of the MV Karwela wreck. Penetration should be done with proper training and equipment due to the depth and potential risks associated with wreck penetration.

The wreck has become an artificial reef, attracting a variety of marine life. Divers may encounter groupers, barracudas, moray eels, and other fish species around the MV Karwela wreck.

Visibility can vary, but in general, the waters around the MV Karwela wreck offer good visibility, especially during the summer months.

Due to the depth of the wreck, Advanced Open Water Diver (SSI Advanced Adventurer) certification or equivalent is recommended to actually see it. Wreck diving and deep diving specialties are also beneficial for those planning to get closer to the wreck and explore its interior. Due to the depth, an enriched air nitrox certification is recommended to extend the bottom time and reduce the effects of nitrogen narcosis.

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