MT Hephaestus Wreck


from the shore


Deco, Tech

Max depth

47 m

MT Hephaestus wreck is our newest wreck in Gozo. It was specially adapted for divers and scuttled in 2022. It is intended for advanced or technical divers due to its depth range of 35 – 47m and the distance from shore. Time to reach the wreck from shore is about 20 minutes (swimming).

from the shore on Gozo


A surcharge of €35 will be added, if you rent our equipment

Divers diving on MT Hephaestus Wreck. Diveworld Gozo

Photographs of MT Hephaestus Wreck

MT Hephaestus Wreck diving in details

MT Hephaestus Wreck offers an incredible diving experience that will leave you awestruck and amazed. The adventure starts at Red Bay, where we will begin our dive to explore this magnificent wreck! During the journey, we will swim through the shallow part of the bay until we reach a drop-off that goes up to 40 meters deep. After a quick five minute swim, the wreck appears before our eyes! It is perfectly standing on its keel, simply a breathtaking view.

The navigation throughout the dive is simple, and the wreck has been adapted to the needs of divers for a safer and less demanding experience. Any dangerous wreckage elements have been expertly removed, and in many places, large holes have been cut to allow divers to enter and explore. You will have the opportunity to venture into the engine room, where you can observe and take footage of the engine and other equipment as they have been left undisturbed.

As we make our way back, we will have the pleasure of enjoying a decompression stop in the shallow part of the bay, which is home to a plethora of marine creatures of all shapes and sizes. It’s a wonderful opportunity to take photos and capture the memories that you’ll treasure forever.

Important to note that MT Hephaestus Wreck is not your average diving adventure. A good plan is crucial, and it requires a deep diving certificate. Don’t have one? No worries, we offer a two-day course that will prepare you and enhance your diving experience. So, what are you waiting for? Come and explore the magnificent MT Hephaestus Wreck today!

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Frequently Asked Questions about MT Hephaestus Wreck

What is the new wreck in Gozo?

MT Hephaestus is the newest wreck in Gozo. It was specially adapted for divers and intentionally sunk in 2022. It is intended for experienced and technical divers due to its depth range of 35 – 47m and distance from shore.

MT Hephaestus Wreck is a sunken oil tanker located off the coast of Gozo, Malta. It was deliberately sunk in 2022 to create an artificial reef and diving site.

MT Hephaestus was an oil tanker which ran aground off Qawra, Malta in 2018. It was scuttled to attract marine life and provide unique diving experiences for tourists.

The depth of MT Hephaestus Wreck is between 35 and 47m. However, since it stands on its keel on a slope, it may still move deeper with time.

MT Hephaestus Wreck attracts a variety of marine life, including colourful fish, octopuses, and other underwater fauna. Divers may encounter groupers, bream, and other Mediterranean species.

No, the dive at MT Hephaestus is too difficult for beginner divers. The minimum is a deep diving certificate and some deep diving experience, or better, a decompression diving course.

Divers typically reach MT Hephaestus Wreck from shore in Red Bay on Gozo’s South East coast. Dive centres in the area, such as ours, organize trips to the site.

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