Best scuba diving courses in Gozo

Looking for a thrilling adventure? Join us for our recreational SSI diving courses in Gozo! Whether you’re a beginner or a certified diver, we will provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to dive confidently and safely. During our courses, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the captivating underwater world and witness stunning marine life. We believe that everyone can be a successful and skilled diver, and we are here to help you achieve your personal diving goals. Don’t let anything hold you back from experiencing the beauty of the ocean. Sign up for our courses today and become a more confident and empowered diver!

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Scuba diving courses for beginners

Are you ready to experience the breathtaking beauty of the underwater world? We have not just one, but two programs to help you start your journey towards becoming a scuba diver! Take the first step and check out our Discover Scuba Diving page. For those who know in their hearts that scuba diving is their calling, the Open Water Diver course is the perfect option. Within just a few days, you can become a certified diver and explore the ocean like never before. Let your passion for adventure thrive and join us in discovering the wonders that lie beneath the surface!

Scuba diving courses for certified divers

As a certified diver, you have already embarked on an incredible journey to explore the vast and fascinating underwater world. However, why not take it to the next level? Our courses are designed not only to enhance your diving skills but also to deepen your understanding and appreciation of the magnificent world below the waves. Imagine the feeling of mastering new techniques and knowledge and taking your passion for diving to a new level. With our courses, the possibilities are endless. Therefore, seize the opportunity to expand your horizons and discover the wonders that await you with every dive. Let’s take this amazing journey together!

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Scuba Diving Courses in Gozo FAQ

What is scuba diving?

Scuba diving is a water activity  that involves diving underwater using self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA). It allows you to explore underwater environments and observe marine life. It is a great way to discover the underwater world. So if you are interested in it, see our introductory programmes.


No prior experience is required to take scuba diving experience programmes or the Open Water Diver course, which is the entry level certification. However, you should be in reasonably good physical health and comfortable in the water. For more information check out our Diving Courses page.

We offer three types of courses and programmes.

Experience programmes: Try Scuba or Basic Diver (also known as Discover Scuba Diving). They are designed for people who want to try if scuba diving is for them or have limited time and cannot commit to the whole Open Water Diver course. 

The Open Water Diver course, which is an international entry level certification for autonomous scuba divers. You must be a certified Open Water Diver first in order to take part in more advanced courses.

Advanced and speciality courses, such as Advanced Adventurer, Deep Diving, Enriched Air Diving and more, for those who are already certified divers.

See our Diving Courses page to find out more.

The time required for certification can vary, but the Open Water Diver course typically takes 3-4 days, which includes theory, confined water training, and open water dives.

Scuba courses cover topics like diving theory, equipment use, underwater skills, safety procedures, and how to plan and execute dives.

Equipment rental is included  in the price of our SSI Open Water Diver Course and experience programmes like Try Scuba or Basic Diver.

For any other courses you can rent equipment you need for a small fee. For more information check specific courses you are interested in.

Scuba diving is generally safe when proper training and safety guidelines are followed. Accidents are rare when divers adhere to their training and don’t take unnecessary risks. At Diveworld Gozo we focus on safety and follow international safety standards.

The minimum age for the Open Water Diver course is 10 years. Some more advanced and speciality courses have higher limits. However, 10 years is enough to start an adventure with scuba diving.

Younger children cannot be certified divers, but can still try scuba diving from the age of 8. Children that are 8 and 9 years old can only dive to a depth of 5 metres. Older participants of experience programmes can try scuba diving to a depth of 12 metres.

Adult courses typically have no upper age limit, but your health and fitness may be a factor.

Scuba diving is generally safe when proper training and safety guidelines are followed. Accidents are rare when divers adhere to their training and don’t take unnecessary risks. At Diveworld Gozo we focus on safety and follow international safety standards.

The prices of our diving courses can be found on our price list and on each course description page.

These are different scuba training agencies that offer very similar internationally recognised courses. Not only is the content similar, but they also follow the same international quality standards that they created together. So no matter which organisation you started your diving education with, you can always take a course with another one.

At Diveworld Gozo we teach with SSI, but we are open to divers certified by all other diving agencies.

At the top of this page you can see most popular SSI diving courses we offer.

It is simple. You sign up for the Open Water Diver course and get an internationally recognised entry level scuba diving certificate.

Open Water Diver

To try scuba diving you need to feel comfortable in the water. To begin the entry level course you need to be able to swim 200 metres without any swim or buoyancy aids, or swim 300 metres using a mask, snorkel and fins. There is no time limit to complete this exercise.

You also need to be able to float or tread water too deep to stand for 10 minutes without any swim or buoyancy aids.

Check out more information about the Open Water Diver Course.