Inland Sea


from the shore



Max depth

26 m

Diving in a tunnel connecting a lagoon called the Inland Sea with the open sea. The amazing aesthetic experience and the play of light and shadow make this place one of the prettiest on Gozo.


from the shore on Gozo


Surcharge of €20 if you rent our equipment

Two divers dive in Gozo with Diveworld Gozo Ltd in the Inland Sea.

The name Inland Sea comes from the inner lagoon, which is separated by a high cliff from the open sea. This lagoon was created by the flooding of the valley by the sea, which for centuries broke through the cliff, creating a huge, picturesque tunnel. The length of the tunnel is approx. 90m. The tunnel is open, with tourist boats sailing through it on the surface of the water.

We start the dive in the Inland Sea, at a depth of approx. 5m not far from the tunnel entrance. As you swim through the tunnel, you will gradually submerge to about 26m (or 18m for OWD divers). We admire the beautiful geological structures and the colorful sponges that overgrow them. Beyond the tunnel, we continue diving along the cliff on the side of the open sea, where we can count on schools of fish. On the way back we admire the tunnel again, this time at a shallower depth, and finally we make a safety stop and ascend into the Inland Sea.

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Inland Sea in Gozo FAQ

What is the Inland Sea in Gozo?

The Inland Sea is a coastal lagoon located near the village of Dwejra in Gozo. It is a unique and picturesque dive site that offers access to both shallow and deeper waters. The lagoon is connected to the open sea with a natural tunnel that is about 80 metres (260 feet) long. See Inland Sea description to find out more.

Yes, the Inland Sea in Gozo is suitable for divers of various levels, including beginners. The shallow entry point and gradual descent into deeper waters make it a popular choice for divers with different experience levels.

The maximum depth of the Inland Sea varies, with the lagoon being relatively shallow (around 4 metres or 13 feet). However, the tunnel leading to the open sea can reach depths of around 30 metres (98 feet) or more.

Access to the Inland Sea for diving is relatively easy. Divers can enter the water from the pebble beach that surrounds the lagoon. There are also facilities for divers, including changing rooms and bathrooms.

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