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The Blue Hole is one of the most iconic divesites in Gozo, ideal for divers of all levels. It offers caves, tunnels, swimthroughs and other amazing rock formations.

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Diver in the Blue Hole in Gozo. Diveworld Gozo.

Blue Hole is located in a picturesque setting on the western part of the island of Gozo. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most visited dive sites on the island. The dive site is very diverse and delights divers of all levels.

Immediately after diving into the Blue Hole, we find a small cave called Blue Hole Cave. Slightly farther away are giant boulders looking like miniature mountain ranges. These are the remains of the famous Azure Window rock arch, which collapsed during a storm in spring 2017. Between the countless blocks of rock is a whole system of tunnels and holes, through which you can swim freely. In addition, colorful sponges, schools of fish, crustaceans and sometimes even octopuses.

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Blue Hole in Gozo FAQ

Where is the blue hole Gozo?

Dwejra Point. The Blue Hole, a shore dive, is located in front of the former site of Azure Window at Dwejra Point. While the walk over coralline limestone is challenging, steps have been carved into the rocks for easier access.

The Blue Hole in Gozo is suitable for divers at all levels of skills and experience. It is one of the most popular divesites in Gozo and definitely a must-see one!

16 metres. The Blue Hole is a shore dive near Dwejra Point, reached by a difficult walk over limestone. It’s a natural rock formation carved by wind and waves that goes 16 meters deep. Dropping down the hole leads to a huge archway on one side and a caveon the other.

16 metres. The Blue Hole in Malta (Gozo) was created by wind and waves over centuries, and it’s now 16 meters deep. Its dimensions are approximately 10x5x15 meters, and it’s only around 1 meter above sea level, making it an extraordinary sight for nature enthusiasts.

The Blue Hole in Gozo is a shore dive. Divers can enter the water from the shore and explore the underwater formations, including the underwater arch, the cavern and the remains of the fallen Azure Window.

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