Cathedral Cave


from the shore, by ladder or stairs



Max depth

40 m

A huge, shallow cavern with an air chamber where you can surface, talk and even sing. 🙂 A unique place in Gozo!

from the shore on Gozo


Surcharge of €20 will be added if you want to rent our equipment

Inside of the Cathedral Cave in Gozo. Diveworld Gozo.

The Cathedral Cave, also known as the Blue Dome, lies on the north side of the island of Gozo, at the exit of Wied Il-Ghrasi Bay. This is one of the most visited dive sites on Gozo.

The entrance to the cavern looks like a large gate that stretches between 16 and 5 meters deep, making the site accessible to divers of all skill levels. The cavern itselfis a circular chamber about 50m in diameter with a huge air dome that resembles a church vault. The blue light entering the cave andgreat acoustic conditions complete the impression of being in a place of worship.

In the cave and on the surrounding cliffs we have the chance to encounter nudibranch snails, hermit crabs and slipper lobsters.

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