Advanced Adventurer

advanced diving course

Experience five adventure dives! Discover the different areas of diving! Increase your depth limit to 30m!

zaawansowany kurs nurkowy Advanced Adventurer. Kurs AA. Kurs AOWD. Diveworld Gozo

2-3 days

five adventure dives


small groups

max 4 people, unless you decide otherwise

global SSI standards


What does the Advanced Adventurer course look like?

The Advanced Adventurer course cosists of five open water adventure dives. There is also a bit of theory to each adventure to give you the opportunity to try out new areas safely and knowledgeably. What exactly this course will look like is mainly up to you, as you personally choose the diving adventures you want to experience with us, after consulting with your instructor.


The theory part is based on an accessible digital textbook that you can read on your computer or in an app on your phone. We can make it available to you even before you arrive to give you more time to process the knowledge.

Each chapter of the manual ends with review questions to help you find out if you understand everything. In addition, you also have our instructors to discuss the most important issues with you and clarify any doubts. Good news – there is no exam on this course! 🙂

Open water dives

In open water you will take part in five adventure dives. You can choose from:

Children and teenagers can also participate in the advanced diving course, but lower depth limits apply. Contact us for details.

Why learn with Diveworld Gozo?

What's next after the course?

Do you have more time or are you returning to us on Gozo and want to further your diving experience? See our suggestions for you!

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